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DESCRIPTION: Saarvasri Vedacure Ginseng is a wonderful classical product with numerous nutritional properties within it. People have traditionally taken ginseng to help with a range of medical conditions.. Ginseng contains two significant compounds: ginsenosides and gintonin. Researchers believe that these compounds complement one another to provide health benefits.

Ingredients: Ginseng Extract


Ginseng has been shown to help reduce inflammatory markers and help protect against oxidative stress.

It has been shown to benefit mental functions, feelings of calmness and mood in both healthy people and those with

Alzheimer’s disease.

It may improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction by decreasing oxidative stress in tissues and enhancing blood flow in penile muscles.

It may strengthen the immune system in people with cancer and even enhance the effects of certain vaccinations.

Ginsenosides in ginseng seem to regulate inflammation, provide antioxidant protection and maintain the health of cells, which could help decrease the risk of certain kinds of cancer. Nevertheless, more research is needed.

It may help fight fatigue and enhance physical activity by lowering oxidative damage and increasing energy production in cells.

HOW TO USE: Take 1 tablet twice daily, 30 minutes before meal or as directed by experts.