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DESCRIPTION: Punarnava which literally translates into ‘something that renews or replenishes the body ’is a traditional ayurvedic plant that is used to rejuvenate the whole body. Punarnava is a treasure trove of nutrients like proteins, vitamin C, sodium, calcium, iron and bioactive components like punarnavoside, serratagenic acid, hypoxanthine 9-L-arabinofuranoside, boeravinone A to F, liriodendron, ursolic acid, and oleanolic acid. Imbued with the therapeutic components, Saarvasri vedacure Punarnava Tablets hold high significance in promoting the digestive system, managing heart problems, improving eyesight and preventing diseases like diabetes, urinary tract infection, arthritis, impotence, gout, and anemia. It is also used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, fever, edema, stomach issues, and liver disorders.

Ingredient: Punarnava Extract.


1. It has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

2. It is very helpful to treat Arthritis, joint pain and back pain.

3. Punarnava has been very useful in treating the patients suffering from nephrotic syndrome.

4. It treats edema.

5. It has a potential cardioprotective action due to which it protects the damage of the heart. 

6. It improves kidney function by reducing the urea and creatinine levels in the blood. 

7. It helps to reduce kidney stone problems. 

8. Punarnava reduces bilirubin level to prevent jaundice. 

9. Punarnava is beneficial in maintaining blood sugar levels.

10. The bioactive compounds present in the extracts of Punarnava help to prevent body weight gain and it helps reduce the cholesterol level in the blood. 

11. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body without the loss of essential nutrients and minerals. 

Direction of Use: Take 1 tablet twice daily or as directed by experts.