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Description: Hindu people worship holy basil. It's considered the "Mother Medicine of Nature." It’s been revered since ancient times as an herb that can promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The sacred plant is often planted around Hindu shrines. The name tulsi means "the incomparable one." In Western medicine, holy basil is valued as an adaptogen. That's something that helps your body adapt to stress. The plant has been used to:Combat negative effects of stress, Stabilize blood sugar levels, Promote longevity. Studies show holy basil has a wide range of health-promoting properties. It's an: Adaptogenic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-coagulant, Anti-diabetic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-pyretic (prevents fever), Antidiarrheal, Antimicrobial (including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and more), Antioxidant, Antitussive (treats cough), Liver-, brain-. and heart-protectant. A 2017 review of research suggests holy basil may help "address the psychological, physiological, immunological, and metabolic stresses of modern living."

Ingredients: Tulsi Extract


It is very effective in cough, cold, acidity, constipation, stomach ache and abdominal pain.

Helps to get rid of viral and seasonal fever, swelling in lungs, hypertension, chest, congestion, fatigue and vomiting.

It is very effective in obesity, arthritis, asthma, anemia and ulcer.

Keeps away the deadly fevers away like dengue, malaria, swine flu, etc.

It is very helpful in controlling diabetes.

It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral action.

It helps in getting from the problem of sore throat, running nose, cold, etc.

Its acts as immunity booster.

Useful for adjuvant in respiratory condition, adjuvant in digestion, adjuvant in skin conditions.

It gives relief from the pain of burning caused by fire.

It  helps in getting relieve from throat ache and mouth ulcer.

Tulsi acts as a heart stimulator. Its regular use will help to maintain cholesterol level. Heart attack can be kept at bay.

HOW TO USE: Take 1 tablet twice daily, 30 minutes before meal or as directed by experts.