SHPL is one of the brightest stars in the Indian Direct Selling industry, ticking all the boxes with a huge potential to be a legitimate, ethical and a long-term industry major. It brings to table all the vital ingredients of creating a success recipe making it a credible force to reckon with. If you haven’t associated with SHPL yet, have a quick glance at the following salient features, which, in all certainty, will inspire you to build your career with it.

1. Started as a Traditional Business

SHPL was established in Sept 2013 with a clear focus on curating result-oriented world-class health & wellness products with scientifically validated ingredients at an affordable price through traditional distribution network, addressing all sections of the society. Till 20 May 2028, SHPL mastered the art of sourcing the right ingredients at the right price and manufacture effective products with amazing packaging and right price point, unlike some of the impulsive direct selling start-ups which recruit people to fund their project without even knowing what their product portfolio looks like.

2. Experienced and Ethical Management

SHPL is spearheaded by a team of young promoters with a matured head on their shoulders. With vast experience in the direct selling sector, they have been-there and done-that for a good 20+ years. Their combined experience of over 80 years gives them the battery to charge themselves and recharge their sales force.

3. 7th Year of Successful Operation

While most of the direct selling start-ups don’t last beyond a year, SHPL is royally marching ahead with an impressive year-on-year growth in its 7th glorious year. Having celebrated the 6th anniversary in Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi in the presence of thousands of people, SHPL is all set to establish itself as a long-term player giving you the kind of security and sustainability for building an alternative career.

4. Pan India Presence

SHPL has its corporate offices in Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru while it has 8 more regional offices in various zones inspiring like-minded people from pan India to join its ranks and spread its noble vision, mission and product philosophy. SHPL has its corporate offices and regional warehouses in Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to reach out to its loyal customers and business builders providing efficient services and inspiring like-minded people from pan India to join its ranks and spread its noble vision, mission and product philosophy.

5. Clear Vision

SHPL visualizes a world of wellness where health-conscious individuals and families enjoy good health and experience happiness and longevity by way of using its finest products and services. It offers an extra-ordinary opportunity to become a modern wellness entrepreneur.

6. Exciting Mission

SHPL is committed to be one of the top 5 direct selling companies of India by FY 2025-26 by continuing to offer finest products and services to its valued customers.

7. Statutory Compliance

SHPL adheres to all the laws of the land including all kinds of RoC compliances, meticulous tax regimen (GST, TDS, Advance Tax and Income Tax) and the newly introduced ‘The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules 2021’ in letter and spirit.

8. Fantastic Growth even during the Pandemic

While sadly most of the small and medium direct selling companies shut shop during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, SHPL clocked back-to-back phenomenal growth of over 100% in both years.

9. FIDSI Membership

To express solidarity with other like-minded direct selling companies and to secure the future of lakhs of its distributors, SHPL has been a proactive member of FIDSI (Federation of Indian Direct Selling Industries) taking keen interest in nurturing the industry.

10. Amazing Products

Today, the biggest strength of SHPL is its 300+ world-class quality products and services across multiple categories that come with excellent packing, affordable pricing and are highly result-oriented. Isn’t direct selling all about consumer products?

11.Buy 1 Get 1 Free

The most popular feature of SHPL is its unbelievable ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offer with 100% Instant Retail Profit. When you are gratification is instant by way of cash in your wallet, your confidence gets an automatic boost and your commitment grows. Experience this magic when you asssociate with us.

12. Exclusive Gallery Network & Logistic Support

A robust network of exclusive SHPL galleries across India ensures our valued customers can pick up their favorite SHPL products across the counter instantly.

13. Amazing Business Plan

At the core of its huge success, SHPL takes pride in offering a revolutionary comp-plan with multiple wow factors that would make any right-thinking individual associate with it instantly.

14.Option to Choose from BP Purchase or BV Purchase

SHPL gives you an option to assassociate with it with free online regiastration, without any registration or membership fees whatsoever. You can activate your ID with a ingle product and you can start earning weekly and monthly commissions as and when you purchased SHPL products of your choice worth 500 BV. What's more, with our exciting combo offers and monnthly promotional offers, you can build a white collar mainsgtream business that can be operated across India, without major capital investment.

15.No side volume

SHPL employs a proven 2-team sales structure in unlimited depth, with just 2 teams to take care of. There are neither multiple legs nor front-loading side volumes. While parents find it challenging to take care of their one or two offsprings these days, how on earth you will be able to take care multiple teams with diverse locations? A 2-team sales structure ensures team work, when promoted properly.

16.Thousands of Rank Achievers

Thousands of SHPL IBOs have achieved Diamond rank and above within the first 6 years of its eventful operations. These are fantastic numbers for a growing company like SHPL. This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come.

17.Prompt Pay-outs

SHPL has ensured to disburses sales commissions on or before the scheduled time but has never defaulted ever. This shows SHPL’s commitment to pay the sales force promptly.

18.Training & Support System

SHPL delivers world class training and education system be it product training, personal skills, professional skills, business skills, overall life skills, direct selling training or system training along with inspirational training. Apart from this, the high-profile company events make a statement setting higher benchmark for others to follow.

19.Social Media Presence

SHPL enjoys a vigorous social media presence thanks to its committed leadership. Apart from its own web site, it has significant presence in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram making its presence felt.

20.Committed Leadership

Our biggest strength has been a strong battalion of ambitious, committed and hard-working top leadership, diehard Saarvasrians, who always stand with the company during its business ups and downs.

We can possibly list many more compelling facts for the list is endless. We invite you to undertake adequate due diligence and gather truthful market intelligence and consciously choose to associate with SHPL for a long haul.

We extend a warm welcome to you in ever-growing SHPL family.